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Mount Hatching and More!!!

Feb 16, 2013
Hi, I am Ethan ThunderGlade/SandGem In-Game, or as my stage name, redroast.
I have a level 70 Storm and level 50 Balance Currently
I some some great ideas to improve this game!

School Mounts Level 50? or 25?
Mounts you get from a quest at level 50 or 25. They should both take place in GrizzleHiem and there is a "BeastTamer" somewhere and you do a task for him and get a permanent mount in exchange!

Tempest. A dark blue wave (looks like Tempest spell) which the storm wizard rides on!

Fire Dragon. A fire dragon (looks very similar to Fire Dragon spell). You ride on its back, or near the neck,with a red and black saddle thats made of rock.

Wooly Mammoth. A wooly mammoth (looks like Wooly Mammoth spell). You ride on its upper back, with a frozen saddle.

Chimera. (1 Person, other 2 heads are for decoration.) Looks similar to Chimera Spell, Ride on upper back. Brown saddle, or none.

Basilisk. Looks like Basilisk spell. Ride on upper back, Yellow and Blue saddle

(Due to skeletal dragon being unavailable, it will be Dr.Von) Dr.Von, you sit on his right shoulder. (1 Person)

(Due to unicorn being unavailable, it will be centaur) Centaur. You ride on the centaur's back,no saddle.(It would offend the centaur!)


Mount Hatching

Due to the pioneer dragon mount, no one can get it! With this idea you can! Hatching mounts similar to pets, and hybrids too! Hybrids include

Lava Wave (Tempest+Fire Dragon)

Frozen Basilisk (Wooly Mammoth+Basilisk)

and many more!


Mount Training

Training your mounts like you do with pets, in the pet pavilion with games like the Maze Game. If your pet reaches Epic, its speed increases, (Instead of 40, it will be 50). If trained to Mega, its speed is 55! (Rental mounts can't be used.) The pet levels go like..

Adult-40 Speed

200 to Epic

Epic-50 Speed

500 to Mega

MEGA-55 Speed

There is my amazing idea, I hope you like it and K.I adds it do the game soon!

Due to the fact that it won't let me send screen shots, I would like to thank my friends, Dustin SpiritSword Jonathan GriffinCrafter Alura DarkHeart and for helping me come up with this idea and supporting it.

Apr 25, 2011
One of the best ideas I've ever read.
This is a very well thought out idea, full support!!!

May 02, 2010
Much support on this idea. I've just posted a similar thread that includes mounts being able to have primary and secondary colors, and other things (for example a horse battle helmet) as add ons to the mount that can be dropped during fights (boss or not) and packs. I support this thread because customizable mounts sound extremely fun!

Dec 20, 2011
Yea same a lot of support, but their should be a chance to get rental mounts because people would just farm op bosses for gold and start getting epic looking mounts easily, and eventually peoples backpacks will be full of 55 speed mounts etc.

Gavin MoonStaff (LVL 43 )

Feb 16, 2013
OK, update,

Tempest- OK, so the tempest is a Dark Blue color right? So what if, the tempest changed colors with the water its on, for Example.. If the Tempest is in the commons pond, the Dark Blue color changed to Light Blue to match the commons pond, and so on.

And if the Tempest can't change colors in water, maybe the Tempest should be replaced with a Leviathan! The Leviathan shall have a purple saddle with a yellow trim, and little lightning bolt shapes around the trim.

Also, I agree with edward's idea (mentioned previously), on mount customization! Where you customize the saddle or turn it off, and add-ons, like horse helmets and stuff! Credit to edward452 for the idea!

May 11, 2011
the best idea ever, but can i make a suggestion to combine?
I would like you to be able to use them on grub guardian and maybe there could be astral and shadow mounts shadow level 90) and astral level 50? do you think this could work?

Feb 16, 2013
Brandon Skyblade on Oct 21, 2014 wrote:
the best idea ever, but can i make a suggestion to combine?
I would like you to be able to use them on grub guardian and maybe there could be astral and shadow mounts shadow level 90) and astral level 50? do you think this could work?
It could work, training your mounts on grub guardian. As for the Astral/Shadow mounts, possibly, since we are giving mounts "Schools" then I guess it could work!

Dec 30, 2012
I like the idea...
Sadly, not sure if Kingsisle would consider, but i hope they do.
I want a tempest mount, and even more, a lava wave mount