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Morganthe: The End Game Packs?

Aug 31, 2010
Since we have supposedly killed off Morganthe, why dont you offer the players a Morganthe Pack that Includes the things she drops (rare drops) along with Furniture that has never been offered over the spriral. Reason is, I would much rather take my chances buying packs than having to farm Morganthe any longer. I have seven level 100 chars and I have been farming Morganthe as often as I could since the first week the second part of Khrysalis was released only to have ONE balance athame and ONE storm amulet (which dropped on the wrong account). I am sorry but no one has this kind of time to farm for unimagineable amounts of hours to equip chars with gear that is really really needed for PVP now if you have any intention of being successful with it. Please take this idea in consideration.

Who else would like to see this?