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More Worlds!

Apr 02, 2011
Okay so I know I already posted the 4th world of my Sylvia arc but I coulden't hold back! So now Syliva who is still mad that Malistare is gone has gone to a world called Malantia! The world is based off of Aulstarllia. Sylvia will finally be defeeted while she trys to explode the world by singing the song of distruction!

Enemies: Tanzmanizn Devils, Turantulas, Sharks, Killer Whales, and Bats
Friends: Kwola, Kangaroo, Wombat, Dingeoes, and Turtles.

1. The Sida Tribe
2. The Farp Tribe
3. The Xhiwa tribe
4. Crimzon Mountain*
5. The Gura Forest
6. The Luxure Ocean
7. The Pawna Plain*
8. Ulure
9. Srure
10. Warue*
11. The Sun Forest
12. The Star Forest
13. The Moon Forest
14. The Black City
15. The White City
16. The Brown City*
17. Oma
18. Shue
19. Como*
20. Zepulon
21. Carton
22. Veron*
23. The Village of Past
24. The Village of Future
25. The Village of Present*
26. The Great Wall of Melentia
27. The Great Gates of Melentia
28. The Great Tower of Melentia
29. The Great Fortress of Melentia*
30. The Last Temple*

*= Dungeon
Each zone is 1750 Crowns

So tell me what you think!

Jul 26, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
Uhhh... sorry but.. thats a lot of zones. Or.. are they dungeons Some of them?? I love the idea though! :3

Nov 26, 2011