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More Stitching Options.

Mar 11, 2010
Would it be possible to add school specific designs on your clothing through the Stitching feature?

By this, I mean purchasing a package of say skulls for Death school, ivy for Life etc, and having those stitched to the item of your choice? They would then become No Auction items.

The school specific clothing items we have now are nice, but variety in this area would be fantastic.

Aug 15, 2010
That would be very... AWESOME!!! I totally agree with you on this, but I dont know if KI would do it. But hopefully they do! Plz KI... it would be fun, having unique designs! But if you dont do it, thats ok! :) Plus, I think you get certain hats, shoes, and robes that have designs on it from bosses... But Yours Are Different than the Others! :D

Thanks for Reading!