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more respect for high levels

Apr 26, 2009
I have to mention this higher levels need more respect.I compared the lvl 78 pets and 58 pets cause the 58 pet rating is bigger you can find this on the balence pets 78 56 pet rating - 58 pet rating 64 so do you think the next pet should have a higher pet rating then both of them plus the good stuff that you get stops lvl 60 but the only other stuff after that is rare drops from bosses :x i hate that to be honest i want good armor that gives more stuff then the lvl 60 armor i realing want this to happen when the new world comes out serously and when i go pvp i see this [79 and below]i want a match i beat the game and reached max lvl and when the limet was 70 i saw this [69 and below] i was mad about all this mean stuff im seeing i want somthing i can do wile waiting for the new worlds like a pvp tornement ar a pet race contest or somthing like that or challages in game like acheivements that give you gold cause playing this game gets boring sometimes. sincerly Paul Sunhammer lvl 80