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More Mutates

Jan 31, 2009
I Feel as of now there is not that much of a variety of mutuate cards i feel since i have a legendary life wizard he should have more access to more mutates other than a sprite to a death sprite or a banshee to a life banshee.

I also want to see what are your ideas for other mutate cards.

Here is one of my ideas:
Mutate Centaur to a death centaur
Instead of being a single attack the mutate would change centaur into a death DOT it would do like 100 first round then 450 over 3 rounds. It would change to a DOT since the arrow could be poisoned
instead of death centaur a fire centaur
and arrow would be a fire arrow (also a DOT)

Apr 09, 2011
Oct 11, 2009
Jul 10, 2009
my ideas: card:mutate frost kraken damage: 235+600 over 6 rounds (now a 6 round D.O.T spell ) pips: 4 accuracy: 85%

card: mutate lightning wyvern damage: 750-880 pips:4
accuracy: 70%

card: mutate firezilla damage: 345+750 over 3 rounds pips: 6 accuracy: 75%

card: mutate frostzilla damage: 600-790 pips:6 accuracy: 80%

card: mutate storm man
damage: 400+300 over 3 rounds
pips: 3
accuracy: 70%

card: mutate magma man
damage: 600+300 over 3 rounds
pips: 3
accuracy: 75%

hope you liked my ideas!

-blaze duskstone legendary conjurer

May 31, 2009
Helephant mutates :D (I haven't seen any before...)

Fire Helephant to Ice Helephant (does AOE and DOT)

Ice Helephant to Storm Helephant (does AOE and places 25+ storm trap)

That's all i got I:

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Author of The Chosen Three fanfic
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