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More houses

Oct 21, 2013
I want to see more houses available in the Crown Shop... Am I the only one?

I don't have any ideas, but if someone does, please leave them here. I'm such a decorating freak >.<

Dec 20, 2010
I agree! I wish there were three or more house options for each world style. I'd also like to see more house recipes.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010

I enjoyed the Barn meant for Gardening.

Can we see an upgraded one? Maybe more eye appealing? o:

But, I was on one of my wizards, scrolling though the houses and realized that none of these really suited me I:

So definitely,

KI, have an "House-A-Palooza" and use this medium to have sale on existing castles and upcoming ones.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
More houses and more furniture.

For example, none of the worlds beyond Dragonspyre have houses you can buy for gold. There is a crafted house in some of the second arc worlds, but no crafted houses in Khyrsalis and beyond.

Avalon has no furniture to craft or buy.

Mirage has tapestries and apartments, but no actual furniture.

Empyrea has limited furniture for crafting but none to buy. There is also no house to craft or buy.

Polaris has furniture we can buy, but no house whatsoever. It also has ZERO tapestries. In fact, Polaris is one of the two worlds that has not one single tapestry. Empyrea is the other world that completely lacks a tapestry so far.

Zafaria is also extremely limited, as it has only one tapestry - and only the Drum Jungle. Why not one to Baobob? And why is there no house to craft or buy for Zafaria...?

Sooo many oversights.

Alia Misthaven

Jun 07, 2009
I wish the housing feature had more of a purpose. I love decorating my houses and collecting new items to display but I feel like it is an overlooked feature in Wizard101. Yes you can host "house parties" but most of the players I know would rather be out questing, training pets, crafting, farming, gardening, etc. It would be cool if there were badges associated with decorating or something like that.

Jul 09, 2010
A while ago I asked for a set of Kit Houses, I thought that's what we were getting when we got the Lego type pieces we got. But they weren't at all what I was hoping for.

My suggestion was that we'd be able to buy this card or set or pack and it would have the floor plan and structure of the house, the function of the sky (cause some move) and the shape of the yard & water.

Onto that we'd attach different skins.
So I could buy the floor plan and basic structure of The Death School House
The sky of the Marleybone mansion.
The yard of the Life School House.

Then I'd buy packs or whatever with different skins.
The floor plan and basic structure could be covered in a skin that made the surfaces of dilapidated skull and rotting wood become like that of the Farm House.
The sky is what it is - starry Marliboneian perfection.
The yard is also what it is - Life House perfection.
But if I'd chosen one with paths, beach, gigantic bald patches to look like an empty garden plot. I could add grasses, gravel, whatever yard skins were attachable.

The inside of the house would decorate as normal. The outside would accept windows too, just like the inner wall.

There was also the idea of being able to alter the floor plans to add rooms or floors - which would have been nice, but not important.

Jan 05, 2013
1. I'd like to see a Petting Zoo house with double the pet slots where I could display all of my pets. It would be Pet Pavilion themed.

2. I'd also like a Wizard's Aquarium house where I could put all of the fish I've caught rather than having a bunch of aquariums filling up my regular house. It would be nautical/fishing themed.

3. I'd also like a Festival Grounds house where the layout is set up for wizard's the have a lot of gauntlets and games. It would either be carnival themed or like the one Knight Festival gauntlet.

4. Last, I'd love a music themed concert hall or stadium to display all of the instruments and jukeboxes I have. I love to decorate with house guests so something like this where it would be like a big concert would be super fun.

Oct 21, 2013
I have a lot of people to reply to, here goes :p

@star edward
House-a-palooza sounds great! Maybe bring back some houses in the Crown Shop. Maybe even limited time new houses, only available for when House-a-palooza is active

I agree, second arc worlds are seriously lacking in the housing department. It disappoints me quite a bit.

That's true, houses at the moment are just for show and a past time activity. I've never really been to a house party in game, I imagine it's just a well decorated party room with friends just chatting. I wish the furniture was interactive, I want something that will encourage more people to decorate houses.

@helanie nightseer
Your idea is pure genius I must say. I would seriously LOVE this game.

@antonio shadowbreaker
Petting Zoo sounds awesome :D I don't fish, but I'm sure the fishers out there would seriously love the Aquarium.
Carnival? Count me in. Same with the Concert Hall. These ideas are amazing.