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More Control over Camera Angle

Jan 28, 2012
I was fishing the other day when I noticed that if you have a bait in the water, the camera moves so you can see the waters better.
I figured, that if we could choose to look at this camera angle when scouting for fish, it's a lot easier to spot and bait the fish!

You can try it yourself:
  1. place a bait in dragonspyre's waters (bigger camera effect there)
  2. Hold your right mouse button pressed (locking the camera)
  3. cancel the bait with the space key (while mouse is still pressed)
  4. move around while the mouse is still pressed

Things that should be made possible to do:

  • First Person Mode - See things as you are looking from the eyes of your wizard (not seeing yourself). currently possible by getting the camera as close as possible to your wizard, going backwards and locking the view with your Right Mouse Button
  • constant "Bait" camera mode while in fishing mode. currently activated when placing bait in the water
  • constant "Castle-Blocks" camera mode while decorating. currently activated when trying to place a castle block
  • housing item that will activate a custom camera angle if you are standing within it's active area (*)

Please feel encouraged to suggest more!

New Housing Item

It's an invisible item. You place it in a certain location and than you can pick a camera angle or link it to another item that already has a camera angle set to it.

Setting a camera angle will be done via a special interface that lets you:
  • Move the camera's position (up, down, left and right)
  • Tilt the camera (horizontal and vertical tilting)
  • choose from these 2 options:
  1. relative position - moves as your wizard moves (only position changes, not tilt and height)
  2. fixed position - Doesn't move at all (good for viewing an area from outside)

May 04, 2016
I know that moderators are able to go into free camera mode, as I've seen it on KI live. I think that we should be able to have access to something like this in our house, no? For if perhaps we want to film a video for youtube, or just take a good gander at our house. Great ideas and suggestions, though, Ian.

Jun 11, 2016
Those are great ideas! I would like to have more control over my camera as well!!