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Monster Hunting Club

Feb 26, 2009
Ok, so I guess KI didn't bother to post the last two ideas I've made, so I got another one.
Ok, so, I think there should be a club where you kill monsters. So this is what you do.

You go to Cyrus Drake, and if your above level 5 you can- instead of training, you click on something that says: Sing Up! And if you click on it, there's ten diferent groups with cool names like "The ShadowHearts" or "The DragonSlayers," and if you click on one there's a list next to it that says at he top: Specialty. On this list there are lists of different types of monsters, such as; Giants, Undead, Dragons, etc. or at the bottom ALL.
If you click on one of these, that is the type of monster you especially like to hunt. The next list has a list of ammounts of gold like 5 gold, 10 gold, 20 gold, 40 gold, 80 gold, 160 gold, 320, etc. Then after you click on one next to it in the same column it says like 5 gold for one monster, 10 gold for two monsters, 20 gold for four monsters, 40 gold for six monsters, 80 gold for twelve monsters, 160 gold for for twenty four monsters etc. Then the NEXT cloumn says OK! If you click on it your done.
Then, lets say you clicked on ShadowHearts, and your specialty was Undead, and you clicked on 10 gold for two monsters, and you clicked OK!, so now here's what you would have to do. If you go to lets say Dark Cave, and you defeat two monsters, so an icon of a bag of money comes to the left side, and if you click on it and say accept, you get that gold :D If you don't in the next day, then you lose ten gold :(

Dec 02, 2009