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Mobile Wizard 101

May 17, 2011

First off I would like to introduce myself to the community. My name in game is Amber Owlbreaker. I am a level 60 Ice wizard and am currently active in PVP now. I want to post a question to all of our wizard 101 addicts.

Do you guys think it is time for wizard 101 to go to mobile smart phones? Well I do and I think that they can do it because have personally played games like Pocket Legends and Star Legends that have been created by Space Time Studios that have probably the same or if not better graphics and engines. I would like to see Kings Isle step it up a notch and work on developing this game for a mobile app even if it means working with or collaborating with Space Time Studios. I mean Kings Isle would profit tremendously and I think all of are wizard 101 gamers would love it. In any case I would like some feedback from all of you guys including Kings Isle. O and before I forget for god sake Kings Isle can we get some darn PVP Gear love going. I think the gear has been out of date for awhile. Try and be creative? I mean we have some players that only play to pvp, you would think we could get some type of restructure or loving. I mean if we can't figure out resist can we at least work on another skill maybe like WoW resilience stat? Did you ever think of also making Mega Bundle Cards veered towards pvp gear? So anyways I would love the feedback and please just think about it.

P.S. Tablets and Android Market who'd of Thunk'd It?

New and Dedicated PVP Commander
Amber Owlbreaker Ice Wizard

Oct 24, 2010
I don't see the full game available for phones... it's way too graphic intensive and would use mega power on your phone. Not to mention it driving up the gigs you'd be using while running the game. And Wizard101 has made it clear they have no desire to bring the game to any gaming system, so I think we're here online, on PC or laptop, for the duration.

Dec 23, 2009
great idea! but i dont think there is any phone that could process an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing) game like this one. but still good idea though.....................

May 17, 2011
Well these days most phones have 2x duo core 1.2 GHz chip sets. Graphics are not intense for this game and if you look at the games I mentioned they are above or the same as into graphics and both games made by space time studios are mmorpg's. The phones can handle it with ease now days. Just a thought to KI. No feedback from KI.....