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Minions need vast improvements.

Feb 04, 2011
Let's get to the point, I want Minions to be improved. Specifically, allow us to have more control over how they work, i.e target, and spells they cast. I've seen this suggested before, but every time they simply request it, and don't provide any reason, so if you're at all interested, please continue to read.

I've been playing Wizard101 for about a long time now. Mostly on and off. Something that always kept me away from the Myth school was the main feature of them, (or as you'll soon see discover, "main" feature.) minions.

Minions have the potential to be an incredibly useful tool in any battle. An extra hand ALWAYS is, but unfortunately the current system is incredibly flawed. This doesn't only apply to the Myth school, mind you. This applies to the minion(s) of every school. What do I mean? Well, minions on their own are pretty useless in their current state. Often times they cast a low rank spell when you're placing traps on the boss, and get rid of them, or blading themselves and not you when you're going to attack next round. This makes the use of minions in general a horrible experience for anyone using them, and the most severe offender is the Myth school, since I'd argue Minions are, or were at least intended, to be the main feature of them.

The spells you can get in Krokotopia for doing stuff like buffing a minion is cool and all, but I think the system can be expanded upon more. I'm thinking being able to control their every move, including their target, and the spell they use. This would be nice, or at the very least, improve the A.I so they can be at least a little bit more intelligent..