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Minion Stat Modifier System

Oct 16, 2014
Again with making minions feasible in late-game PvE as the focus, I thought of an interesting system where minions get stronger based on a single stat. For now, let's call this stat "Potential".

By default minions would have 0 Potential, however players will be able to get gear with Potential as a base stat which would affect the minions of the summon spell's school. So 100 Myth Potential would give all of a Myth wizard's minions and all monstrology minions 100 Potential, but still 0 for a Death spell like Animate.

By doing this, two possible features become available: Minion Enchants and post-summon Potential spells.

A Minion Enchant would give the minion additional potential when the spell is cast, just like a Damage Enchant. Since this is also added at cast, your Potential stat would be added as well (400 base + 125 enchant = 525 starting Potential). This means your minion would start off with higher stats and health full.

A post-summon Potential spell would give additional Potential to a minion after it has been summoned. This means your minion would gain more maximum health, but its current health would not increase. As well, unlike the other spells, these would have to match the minion's school instead of the summon spell. This means Lost Soul would use Myth/Universal Potential when summoned and Death/Universal Potential thereafter.
- during cast -> spell's school
- during combat -> minion's school

In regards to stats, the basic multiplier equation would be 1+function to limit/scale the growth and guarantees the value equals 1 when the function equals 0 (1+0=1). What the function exactly is is up to the dev team. Most favorable would be a limit function so nothing gets out of hand.

Some examples of stat calculations:
Health = Base * [1+4*Potential/(Potential+750)] -> limit x5 health
Damage = Base * [1+2*Potential/(Potential+300)] -> limit x3 damage
Resist = 100 - 100*(1-Base/100)^[1+Potential/(Potential+1250)] -> exponential limit of 2
Critical = Base + Potential/2
Block = Base + Potential/5

Some example spells:
Colossal Minion (Minion Enchant)
Unlock Potential (Myth post-summon)
Empower Minion (death post-summon)