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Mining World for Crafters & Gardeners

Jun 26, 2009
With all the issues I've been reading about regarding gardening for Amber plus my own issues with crafting quests, I spent some time thinking of a workable solution. KI could create a parallel world, like GH but for higher level players, in which the quests are ONLY for crafting and gardening. I see it as being totally underground with an underwater element as well. Underwater reagents (like: black pearl, pearl, golden pearl, kelp, shell, water lily, grendel weed) could be found in higher percentages. Underground reagents (like: diamond, mandrake, blood moss, frost flower, fire blossom, fossil, amber, nightshade) could also be found in higher percentages.

Quests would offer rewards like: experience points, gold, additional energy, gardening cards, pets, housing items.

After battling bosses, they could drop: housing items, furniture spells, rare drop reagents (underwater: fish fin, fish scales; underground: sandstone, amber, bone, spider silk), transmute spells, seeds, garden treasure cards and pets. Bosses would never drop regular items like caps, robes, boots, athames, rings, spell casting treasure cards.

My thought is that wizards who are interested in battle would choose not to explore the world while the wizards who focus more on crafting and gardening would spend many happy hours mining for treasure! KI has already created creatures appropriate for underwater and underground scenarios that would be perfect for a mining world. Of course, the story line would be that it's been over-run by Malistaire's minions because he wants sole control of these precious commodities.

Just my two cents,
Neela Waterwraith
Master Necromancer, level 47

Feb 23, 2012
I am going to be honest, I saw this title, and thought, 'Is this A joke? This isn't a sandbox game.' but I just accidently clicked on it, and its not a bad idea. The mining thing was the thing that threw me off track.

Feb 24, 2009
At first when I read the title I was like:
Now I am like:
PERFECT! I do want a world with a ton of crafting quests after all :P Maybe you can get 5 Amber Dust for completing the world... Or 1 amber lol

Feb 07, 2011
A whole world based on crafting and gardening? Uh, no thanks.

In my humble opinion, crafting is a soul-sucking waste of time... that drum-quest in Zafaria took 6 months of farming, gathering, transmuting, and sniping in the Bazaar at strange hours~ in other words, it was nothing short of torture. Just thinking about it makes me want to pass out...

When I finally turned that horrid quest in, Sylvia Drake's tomb had more life in it than I did. I'd do anything, to get out of crafting forever~ eat fish-paste cookies, sell my soul to Malistaire (actually, if it meant no more crafting /ever/, I'd give it to him for free) or farm Spiral Geographic repeatedly, for no XP or rewards... the list goes on, and on... and on.

Don't get me wrong~ the idea isn't awful, but the thought of enduring the slow torture of crafting again is one that is too horrible to entertain. So, if KI uses this, it should be an /optional/ world that's not required to progress with spells & stuff... I have one legendary artisan, and haven't the time or patience to put myself through that again.


El Veeb/Shadowsong
Archmage of Awesomeness

(& legendary artisan who hates crafting/will sell her soul for crafting immunity).

Jun 26, 2009
The "soul-sucking" part of crafting is precisely why I tried to devise a solution that KI could implement! I spent a ton of boring time buzzing around Mooshu looking for black lotus and shopping at the Bazaar to finish those crimson bookshelves. I still have Pink Dandelion growing so I could get Blood Moss, hopefully, when harvested.

I do see the Mining World as totally optional. If you hate crafting and gardening, you wouldn't have to do any of the quests since the rewards wouldn't be items usable in battle.

Guess I should have titled this post something different to get more attention!

Neela Waterwraith

Jul 28, 2009
I really like this idea. Although I don't craft I do Garden so I would really like this world to happen but idk if KI would do this. And yes it should be optional to anyone, because I know people that don't like to garden or craft. So yes for me I agree with this idea

Nov 26, 2011
I like this idea, but it should be optional like Wysteria. Some people hate crafting and gardening.

Dec 10, 2008
First off if just reagent world that's fine but if they add mining it would be copyright of Minecraft So I don't think they will be adding it

Feb 13, 2011
tower wrote:
First off if just reagent world that's fine but if they add mining it would be copyright of Minecraft So I don't think they will be adding it

mining is not copyright of minecraft. as long as what you mine isnt blocky and there arent any creepers/endermen, its fair game. and even if its blocky.... its not ripping it off...