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Mining - like Gardening

Jun 27, 2013
dayerider on Feb 20, 2015 wrote:
I have NO problem with a skill being difficult thus gaining us good rewards. The problem I have is every non-combat skill using the same thing in order to perform it. If KI holds true, then (based off of suggestions on the board) Fishing, Pet training, gardening, Cooking, mining, etc will all use energy with very little energy to use. If they gave us MORE energy, that would be one thing, more than the piddly little bonus they gave us when they implemented fishing, but if they hold true, they'll only give us maybe 20 more and say that it's fair. Im not asking for unlimited resources, Im asking for a reasonable cost to reward ratio.
Maybe there could be 2 energy orbs, one for hobbies, and one for training. Say Pets get their own energy orb, and Gardening/Fishing/Mining get the other. They could lower the pet energy orb to where it was before fishing, and give a matching one for the other three??

May 17, 2009
Or perhaps KI could take this one step further and introduce a western themed world....like a mining town. There you could perhaps learn new spells maybe that you could cast during a battle that would double your reagent drops. Or maybe even a set mine area that you could use your energy on to gain random reagents. Or maybe even a new mini game where you are in a mining cart and have to chip away at the sides of the walls when you ride down to see what you get. It could cost energy points to play and give possible reagent rewards. Introducing a mining town world could open up many possibilites and give the players a new dimension in whice to quest and battle. Just a thought.

Mar 17, 2011
Kebo Life Wiz on Feb 10, 2015 wrote:
Add a mining area to your home - simular to gardening - but instead of planing seeds you hire different types of miners to work your mine - it can produce regents - specifically gems, rocks, and stones.
I like it put so it dose not make to much space this could be a object that you place in you house then you could use pet mana to mine and to make bigger caves or rooms you have to use more pet mana or be a bigger level and if you don't like a cave you made you can hit dislion and a big explosion would happen closing the cave back up and to get to the cave all you have to do is go to the cave entrant in the house that you build it it in and you can build it more then once and in more the one house or even link house's