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Mini Farm

Mar 13, 2014
Castles to me are mostly about gardening, and as such, the only really good one is the Red Barn Farm. From various comments I have seen from other players, I am far from the only player with this view. The trouble with RBF is it is so expensive it isn't really available to low level gardeners (unless they buy it with crowns, of course). You pretty much have to reach a second arc world like Celestia to earn enough gold to afford the hefty 125,000 gold price tag. I would like to request KingsIsle make a smaller and less expensive gardening themed castle available. Grizzleheim and Wysteria seem a little underrepresented on the castle list, perhaps we could have a "Valgard's Vegetable Garden" or "Pigswick Pixie Patch". Cost might be something like 10,000-20,000 gold, with half the growth time bonus given by Red Barn Farm, and a lower outdoor item limit. Indoor facilities might be very limited, just a small toolshed or something.