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Mine Spells

May 16, 2009
Taking some inspiration from classic turn based JRPGs here, Mine Spells act like a counterattack mechanic. When placed down, any incoming damage triggers the spell's effect for the duration of the turn. At the end of the round, the mine is disarmed and must be recast. I think this kind of spell would be a nice addition to the game, as it adds a new layer of mechanics for players to play on, and possibly more cheat options for the developers.

If I were to handle them, they'd probably go something like this:
All mine spells cost 4 pips, single target ally.
650 damage, -10% outgoing pierce (on enemy), -35% accuracy
550 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, stun for 1 round
750 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, steal 2 pips
700 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, remove 2-3 wards
600 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, -25% outgoing healing (on enemy)
650 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, +20% universal trap (on enemy)
650 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, -20% outgoing damage (on enemy)

Astral and shadow versions for monsters, perhaps.
550 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, fortify
600 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, Hidden charm, trap, or ward?
400 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, Shift Shadow? (350 damage, +30 to backlash, if any)
650 damage, -10% outgoing pierce, +10% outgoing pierce (on self)

I'd also probably put these on a secret trainer somewhere, or maybe a side quest.

Jul 18, 2009
We do have something sort of like this with that spell that gives you pips when you get hit above a certain damage threshold, though I agree that we should expand upon the concept. These all look good to me, I would love to get a free trap just for getting hit lol

Jul 06, 2010
Sounds to me like a good way to blend in Pirate 101 story lines and game play.
I'm sure KI's batting the idea around.