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Merle Ambrose Boss Fight/Training/Sparring

Jun 02, 2010
I know that its been mentioned multiple times on the forums, but i'd like to suggest it with a more completed thought. Many people wanted Merle Ambrose (Our Headmaster) to be a boss fight or something of the likes. The reason I believe it hasn't been done is because there was really no reason to. Of course threats to the spiral are constantly growing and you (the destined wizard chosen by ambrose) need to fix it. I remember that before the dungeon versus Malistair you had to spar professor drake. I was thinking something along the lines after you defeat Morganthe that you could "Spar" Headmaster Ambrose in a training session. It would be like a personal tutor session with him which I think would actually be quite an honor to improve your skills. I've looked around some and here is what was proposed/suggested that he should have if he was an opponent.

Headmaster Ambrose

Rank: 21 Boss
Health: 21,000
School: Myth/All*
Boost: None
Resist: 90% All
Physical Attack: 240, 500, or 950 Myth damage plus Stun**
Immunities: Stun, Beguile
- Casts "Disarm" when you cast a blade
Dialog: "Blades are but a toy young wizard, try harder!"
- Casts "Steal Ward" when you cast a shield
Dialog: "I think I could use a shield like that!"
- Casts "Tower Shield" when you cast a trap
Dialog: "HaHa! I am always ready for a trap!"
- Casts "Efreet" when you cast a damage spell rank 8+
Dialog: "Casting a powerful spell? Not letting that happen twice!"
- Casts "Celestial Calender" if you have not attacked with in 3 turns
Dialog: "Don't be shy. My goodness look at the time!"
- Casts "Rebirth" when you cast a healing spell
Dialog: "Bartleby, let's even the playing field!"
- Casts "Mana Burn" if you currently have 14 pips (7 power pips)
Dialog: "Don't hold in that power, young wizard!"
- Casts "Supernova" when you cast an aura that is (Amplify or Vengeance)
Dialog: "Do not hold anger against me, young wizard!"
- Casts "Power Nova" when you cast an aoe spell (Area of Effect, aka hit all)
Dialog: "I am your opponent, young wizard. focus on me!"

* The way I've seen it Ambrose knows basically all schools of magic (supported by forum post from 2008 by developer [Headmaster Ambrose]) but based on the colors he sports and his teleport shows the school colors of Myth (Blue & Gold) that I believe was his first school of magic.

** I also have a card concept for this. If any of the developers like or would want to see more around this subject please comment with an email I can send more information. thanks.

Reply with any suggestions, thoughts, or changes this should have if it happens at all. thanks.

-Sarah Angleheart (Transcendent - Level 70 )