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Aug 13, 2009
As a parent I'm crazy for suggesting this but my youngest keeps clamoring about how much he'd enjoy Wizard101 toys and playing/trading cards (so he could battle outside the game). I see that I'm not the first person to suggest/ask about this? Can anyone from Kings Isle comment? We only have two computers in the house and 3 kids (plus me and I'm as committed to the game as they are, but I get to play after they go to bed which drives them nuts! HA!). Also they'd be fun to have in the car. I love how the game has promoted positive interactions between our kids and I'd like to be able to take it on the road. Also I can really see collectable figures for the spells, and I agree, plush ninja pigs would be hugely popular!

Again, I must be crazy for promoting something my kids will want me to spend money on but I want Kings Isle to continue with the success and keep building new worlds too!



Thanks for the feedback and ideas! We have considered offering other Wizard101 items. We continue to explore that idea and the benefit it would have for the community. This kind of feedback helps.

Thank you!

P.S. In the meantime, you can shop at our Zazzle Store online.