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meowiaritie's revenge idea

Dec 05, 2012
i forgot what he said after you beat him, it was something like ill come back or i will back because of malistair or something. but it would be cool if in the new world we would come back with way more health as old cob's greatest minion. then in the end of the world, you would have to beat him to get to the final boss. and this time maybe put on a small cheat twist.

Aug 20, 2011
Meowiarty, the Krok Trio, and the Oni gang didn't really get a fair shake. You learn only sparse and vague details about them, then suddenly you're in a duel circle with them. Kind of a let-down for my imagination.

And yet, we can't seem to get enough Belloq, who is back every 5 minutes. KI has a fever that can only be cured by more Belloq.

Dec 05, 2012
i understand. but it sounds interesting when you don't see him for a really long time then you are finally fight him again.