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Menu Chat Search/Filter

Dec 14, 2009

Hello Great Wizards of Kings Isle,

Just had an idea that would help make Menu Chat MUCH EASIER to use...

See... I don't use menu chat much. But once in a while, I'm helping someone who is a menu chatter. And I find it is very difficult to know where to find the phrase you are looking for. I thought of a very simple solution to that today and thought I would share.

When you first click the Menu Chat button, if there were a text input box at the top of the list, where you could type, you could enter keywords that you are looking for and the menu chat list would re-draw itself, with only items in it that matched the search words.

For example:

"help", "hit", "pip", etc.

Then the list would be limited to only those menu chat items that have that word in it. That would make it much easier to find a menu chat item that says something close to what you are trying to say.

Steven SkullHammer - Level 60 (Legendary Thaumaturge)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 60 (Legendary Pyromancer)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 60 (Legendary Theurgist)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 58 (Grandmaster Diviner)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 41 (Master Sorcerer)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 39 (Magus Necromancer)