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Menu Chat only for Free to Play

Feb 25, 2009
Jordan StormRider on Oct 21, 2012 wrote:
It's not fair for those who aren't doing anything wrong. I'm going back to free-to-play by November, and I've never been banned, reported, etc. It wouldn't be fair. Plus, it's a way to draw players into the game. I don't know about you, but when I'm bored, I sit out in a busy realm in the commons and patrol. We just need to be vigilant. It's also not fair for people who have been playing as free to play, and all of a sudden they can't use text chat. If you're having problems with text chat, just shut it off.
I hope I didn't come off as rude, I just don't find this to be a suitable solution.

-Jordan Stormrider
First of all, F2P players can not report anyone that is breaking the rules. It may appear that your reports go through but infact they do not. Also, F2P players can only go so far in the game without subbing or purchasing it with crowns.

Those players spamming F2P accounts for the purpose of cursing in the game is the main reason this idea was even considered as a possible way to reduce the amount of cursing done by anyone individual. There are some players that brag about the number of F2P accounts they have. They get muted or banned on one account and come right back within minutes on another and they spam these accounts to protect their main subbed or crowns accounts.

Second, I have been playing this game almost 4 years. I started playing when there was no open chat and text chat was very limited. Even then, players found a way to say foul words around the filters. Some of it was done by using a variety of words but capitalizing the first letter of each word to say a curse word. As a result of this, KI removed the ability to use capitals especially in text chat. But it was not long before they figured out how to misspell words to get around the filters. This method is still being used or words are taken from urban slang for the same purpose.

And finally, I am 55+ years old and should not have to shut my text off just to accommodate those that have chosen to abuse the chat system. I have a grandson and great nephew that were playing up until early spring when myself and some friends discovered just how bad the language had gotten. I had to ask my niece and daughter-in-law to keep both the boys out of the game for a while. Both of those accounts were disabled and so were the accounts of the children and grandchildren of my friends.

Now, I will ask you, "Is it fair that those of us with family members that have subbed/crowns purchased this game, should have to shut down our text or open chat so that those who chose to curse may continue to do so?" NO, it is not.

BUT, I will watch to see how well the "Hall Monitor" system works. If KI continues to expand that program and puts blocks on those spamming the F2P accounts, this idea is one that can sit on the back burner in case it may be needed at some later date. I do fully support the Hall Monitors and thank KI for implementing them into the game

Fallon WinterLeaf a founding member WCP