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Menu Chat Idea: Anyone Else Have One?

Dec 12, 2009
I have been thinking about this for a while and since I thought so many people complain about menu chat, that maybe you can choose the words from all the quotes on menu chat and make different messages. i. e. Hello and Goodbye (Hello, Bye). Make some more ideas and maybe Kingsisle will either make this sticky or maybe they just might pick some of our ideas. But what I mean with my idea is like the qoute "ready to go" and "let's go fight so and so" you combine it to be "ready to fight so and so?" also you could pick a punctuation like a colon: <-- that is a colon :P a semicolon ; an apostrophe ' quotes " period . comma , question mark ? exclamation mark ! Think about some ideas and tell me some and maybe Kingsisle will pick one, think about it, less menu chat complainers, expanded vocab (in a good way) for them, and maybe less frustration for us.