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Mentoring Program

Oct 09, 2009
I Think it would be nice if some of the most experinces wizards like (grandmaster, master, magus) if and when they are done with every quest to go around with less experinced wizard of their class and teach them .

Mar 23, 2009
Quite a few Grandmasters do just that. There are W101 fan sites where you can go if you have specific questions, plus a lot of folks wander through the spiral helping out wherever needed.

Aug 18, 2009
It's a great idea.

For awhile i did this when i reached Grandmaster Theurge. I spent some time in WC just running around the streets helping people, giving advice and making friends.

The problem i encountered was that after i did that, whenever i logged in, i could not get any peace. I was inundated with request for HELP and taxi rides to worlds they could not get to yet. And if i was occupied they would get upset that i didn't drop what i was doing and rush to help them.

Anyway, i think it is a wonderful idea, i just had some problems when i tried to do it.

Dec 12, 2008
i think what she was meaning was like a button when you click to look at the characters stats something like a "mentor this person" thing on there. i also think that the wizard gets some experience if they are not fully a grand. i am also a kind of skilled wizard at level 47, but i would be done with him if i didnt have school and so much going on. so i also think that the person if they say yes, they charge you a fee depending on what quest it is and howlong it takes, whether dungeon or tower...

hope this is ok!