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Memebers and Crowns.

Apr 20, 2009
Personally, subscription is better, so I got that instead of buying my way through with crowns. And now say I'm in krokotopia, I see people with crowns shop items. If you catch on fast you know wehre I'm getting to. Subscription players should have the ability to buy all the the crowns shop items with gold because we already bought subscription over crowns, I mean seriously, I bought and 80$ year subscription and I think I shouldn't have to buy items from the crowns shop with crowns. okay so that didn't comeo out right but I think we all know what I mean.

Items that do not shortcut the game (such as Henchmen, Elixirs etc) are available also for Gold and/or are found as drops of creatures in the Spiral. There are alternate ways of obtaining these types items that do not require paying with Crowns.

Exceptions do exist of course, including but not limited to Stitching (putting the stats of one item onto the appearance of another), and Respec (turning in your secondary school cards for the Training Points back)

Apr 20, 2009
Hello greyrose. I do know what you mean on stiching and respec but What I mean is that not all items are gold + crowns. For instance, all of the pets I know of on the crown shop are crowns only. Also the rate of gold is hard enough to get 20,000 much less 100,000 for all of the school houses. I think you should lower the gold prices to not really 50% but around 25%. This is just honestly what I think would be fair to members.

sktbrdr87 wrote:
not all items are gold + crowns

That's correct, but if you re-read what I wrote, you'll see that if an items is available for Crowns it is also either available for gold, or as a drop from a creature. There are ways to obtain items (that do not shortcut the game) without using Crowns.

Can't earn the gold, you can spend the time defeating the creatures that drop what you are looking for.

Nov 01, 2010
alot of crown items are special things you don't "need" but you "want" them.
KI has given us a huge game with tons of content. and the cost is very low compared to other mmo's. if you want the special things, pay KI and help them out so they can work on other cool content to give us.
there are tons of pets that you can loot in-game and you don't need those crown gear items to play this game. and like she said, alot of this stuff is available without buying crowns.

just my opinion. /shrug.

Jan 24, 2010
Or, consider taking up crafting as a means to make your own special gear. In my experience, crafted gear is even better than crowns gear, unless you just really want the spell cards.

My level 58 pyromancer crafted level 55 gear that boosts both primary and secondary school spells, and gives great health as well. I haven't seen any gear, crowns or legendary, that matches the stats of the crafted gear.

Good luck to you!

Iridian Shadowweaver, legendary theurgist and grandmaster gardener

Jul 31, 2008
I believe that the "spirit" of his message is that members should get a few more bonuses (plural for bonus, I think I misspelled it) for their money than regular players.

I know that you have tried your best to create a balance that fits all needs (including yours), and I think you are doing a great job at it. But there are a few chinks left to clear out, and that is normal.

For example, pet drops. Sometimes you re lucky, sometimes you are not. I have fought the Earth Spirit (in Dragon spyre) over 50 times for the Earth walker pet, and I've still to get it. Maybe members could have greater chance of obtaining drops than other players. Or a special discount on all crown items, doesn't have to be a lot. Or maybe it could, depending on what membership you want, for example:

Iron members- all areas are available, +2% chance of obtaining pet drops for $10 a month

Bronze members - all areas are available, +5% chance of obtaining pets as drops, 5% discount on crown items for $13.99 a month

Silver members- all areas are available, +8% chance of obtaining the drop of your choice, 8% discount on crown items and 4% defense or offense boost for $17.99 a month

Gold members- all areas are available, +10% chance of obtaining the drop of your choice, 10% discount on crown items, 6% boost on defense and offense, and a mystery pet for $22 a month

I remember in the beta phase that a similar discussion took place, although i don't remember the details, or the arguments for both sides.

I can predict however, that many people will start protesting if you ever do this, but they will protest only at first. When they start to see that some members have more benefits than others, they will try to gain as much as they can, and a system similar to this one gives people the benefit of choosing what things they want.

I did read however that you at KI ARE dealing with this, since you planned to make energy more accessible to members and other stuff. (the last patch they told us about which is currently in the test realm... i think)

Nov 12, 2010
Professor Greyrose is right when she says that you can get Crowns items for defeating monsters. I've gotten over 15 Pink Dandelions , about 8 King Parsleys, 2 Silver Trumpet Vines, a Mega-Snack Pack, a Shortblade of the Quick, and a Myth Ghoul this way. However, I do think members should be able to buy Crown items with gold, mostly because I'm a member myself. I also think we should be able to buy packs with gold. :)
Roslyn Lifeblossom, Adept Theurgist