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Membership, Shadow Pips, Key Spells, New Spells.

Dec 31, 2015
I understand that when the game first came out back in 2008 and even up to 2010 that without membership, you wouldn't get far due to the game being a lot shorter. But now we have a lot more worlds and people aren't getting memberships because they haven't experienced the game long enough. The best option would to expand membership up to somewhere in mid Krokotopia. This way all of Wizard City is free to play and people get an idea of the game and can also see what is up ahead partly. By this point, people would have made up their mind and would want to continue paying. So to have up to only one Olde Town street open for Free to Play is kind of unreasonable due to how large the game is now and the vast amount of worlds.

I believe Shadow Pips should be focused on less and there should be an incentive to using the higher piped spells. The reason is, once you get the shadow enhanced spells, using the eight, nine, ten pip spells are practically useless and you could just as easily use the shadow spells and the lower leveled spells. If there is any solution people can think of to this, I would love to hear it.

One of the game's more infamous cards is Monster Mash. It came out during a test realm and was available as a drop and then only one NPC in the game got to use it, Shane Von Shane. They allowed this spell to be later a highly weakened maycast on a rare wand from the Professor's Hoard Pack. I love the spell but to have it weakened and only a maycast is kinda crazy. I understand that the spell is kind of overpowered but to have it obtainable at it's full power should be possible for let us say the new level 130s coming out soon. It would be a Skeleton Key spell like Sacred Charge, Catch of the Day, and Burning Rampage. On the subject of Skeleton Key spells, they should be craftable, not easy to craft, but craftable. If this could happen in anyway, that would be amazing.

I always loved those special treasure card spells that can't be obtained as a normal spell. Like Death Oni, Firegut, Big Bad Hound, ect. I think you should have something that can turn a treasure card into a learned spell. It wouldn't be cheap at all but it would be interesting. Maybe there could be like a vendor in the game who could sell vouchers like a rank 3 fire voucher which you could learn a level 3 fire treasure card of your choice. As the spells get higher in rank and pips, it would get more and more expensive.

I would love to see feedback on this. Thanks for reading!

Oct 04, 2012
Wonderful ideas I agree with shadow spells although I enjoy them I use them as often as I can. I still use high pip spells though but depends on the situation.

Membership idea for sure I remember when I first started playing I was thinking of stopping due to lack of free content at the time.

And for the spells great ideas and yes monster mash on my death would be excellent.

Aug 31, 2013
I totally agree. Making more of the game free would be a short-term loss in crowns for Kingsisle, but I believe that more people would buy memberships once more involved in the game. Having the paywall come at Level 5 made sense when the maximum there were 5 worlds, but there are now 14, and it definitely needs to be increased. It's a win-win, for Kingsisle and for the players.

This is sad but true. At higher levels, you also have a fairly good shadow pip chance and can use shadow enhanced hits repeatedly easily, which is a big problem for pvp. A simple way to satisfy everyone would be to make a tournament or pvp mode in which shadow magic is disabled. Another way would be to balance out the damage in each spell, increasing the damage for the normal hits and decreasing them for the shadow hits, but I'm not sold on that idea.

I'd like to add to your ideas about shadow magic hits with my opinion on Shadow Shrike. It is way too powerful, especially in pvp. This is a relatively easy fix, and I have multiple suggestions. 1) Reduce the armor piercing boost frmo 50% to something like 30%. 2) Increase the backlash from +30 to +50. 3) Make Shadow Shrike cost 2 shadow pips. This could make using Jade Gear more popular, but that gear should honestly be no pvp as well. It would make 2v2s much more interesting.

It would be a small way to make death a more powerful school, I'm for it.

I don't like this idea as much. Nobody would use snow serpent when you can enchant an icebird, for example. As in terms of the vouchers, adding more spells to loremaster would be better, in my opinion.