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Member to Member Trading Kiosk Please!

Jul 05, 2009
Dear Mr. Sparck,

Do you think that there's any chance that a Member to Member Trading Kiosk can be implemented in game?

Love that we have Treasure Card trading, the Pet Hatching Kiosk (for pet trading), and the Bazaar, but I think it would very helpful to the Wizard101 community if we also had a Member to Member Trading Kiosk.

Unlike the Bazaar, I think that a Member to Member Trading Kiosk would be beneficial to the community, since it would allow members to trade with no risk of the traded items being sniped (purchased by unintended buyer during the sale/trade) in the Bazaar.

Member to Member Trading Kiosk:
  • Allow 2 players to trade items with each other by depositing items into the kiosk.
  • Both members must click a "Confirm Trade" button to complete the trade (like treasure card trades).
  • Ability to trade any auctionable in-game items (treasure cards, gear, housing items, reagents, etc.)

It would be great if the Member to Member Trading Kiosk could be a housing item that can be purchased from the Crown Shop, or crafted!

Just another idea that came to mind! I know that I would surely buy/craft one, and I'm sure many others would too! I'm also pretty sure that there would be less people ranting in the Bazaar after losing items if we had one of these!
Thank you for your time as always, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Very Respectfully,
Savannah DarkHeart
Lvin' Spiral Life Since Launch!