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Mega Pips

Jun 25, 2010

This is really a futuristic idea for Wizard101. Wizard101 will keep expanding and adding onto it. And one day spells will require more the 7 super pips (14 normal pips). So maybe add mega pips. They equal 3 normal pips. They could be purple, green, or any color. Just a thought, thanks for reading!

Jonathan Walker Transcended Sorcerer
Jonathan Walker Master Necromancer

Feb 24, 2009
I was thinking I would post this idea not now, but after rank 11 spells came out. So 12 pip spells would take at least 4 turns.
I also had a little thing hidden somewhere in notepad.... I will be right back...

Triple pips! (I am still deciding a name, How about Grand Pips?)
Now here is a feature I have always wanted.
They will look like blue pips, and have 3 pips worth for your school. (or mastery amulets, whatever!)
How about Power pips? What will happen to them? (We will refer to PP as power pip and TP to triple pip, for time saving.)
Well, how this would go, is that you would have 2 bars, one for PP chance, one for TP Chance.
Gear would have both, such as: (It could just have TP chance also.)
(I had a example, but this was in a document for a new world I am working on, so it wouldnt make much sense :D)
If both a PP and TP are going for use, for the same round, the TP will win.
At level 70, you will get 10% TP chance, and increase by 1% for the next 10 levels. (this effect would continue till lvl 100, where it would be 40%)

Well there is the document! See ya in the spiral!

Nov 26, 2011
A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
This is what would happen:
2100 damage Judgements
1680 damage Tempests
2730 damage Heckhound and Storm Hounds
Overpowered Animate minions
4200 heal with Dryad

No, I hope this will not happen until we get rank 16 spells. Yup, rank 16, so we can put Elucidate in our decks! :D

Aug 13, 2009
I don't think anyone stole ideas from anyone here. I think anyone who has played through the game to even Dragonspyre knows it is about time Kingsisle's created a triple pip. I wouldn't doubt with the creation of the next world, they will be adding these types of pips.