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meake a new world

Dec 29, 2008
we should have new worlds like

world name- grand melton
after drogonspyre
when you can go level 30
how much life people have there 6,000
what rank it is 3-7

oh and something else there should be a new school called the make it school were you make your own class spells bosses towers and other thing there could be spells you can get like

super hit rank3 pips2 takes 200-265to one enemie

punch out rank3 pips3 takes 300-320 to all enemies

bumerang rank4 pips3 takes 350-410 to one enemie

chopper rank4 pips4 takes 450- 520 to one enemie

litttle man rank5 50% pip takes 100 every pip to all enemies

happy face rank 7 takes 1,050-2,030 to one enemie

please make me a reply