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Mastery/Exalted amulets

Jan 09, 2011
I know these are crown items and all but maybe an easier dungeon that tower of the helephant and waterworks. Or even the choice to chose between two mastery amulets when you get a mastery amulet drop like once you kill the gladiator you get a choice between a myth exalted or a death exalted. I have a myth exalted and personally I think it's useless because I don't pvp and quite frankly I wanna feed the amulet to my pets. But there's always bragging rights that I have one. Tehe! If I had a choice even between two of them that would be nice. I have a feeling that not all the school mastery/exalted are the same drop ratings are the same.

I feel that they are about this

Myth exalted/mastery: .000000009
Life exalted/mastery: .000000008
Death exalted/mastery: .0000000003
Balance exalted/mastery: .000000001
Fire exalted/mastery:according to wizard101central you can only get these at Cronus and not gladiator
Storm exalted/mastery: .000000006
Ice exalted/mastery: nobody wants these people are either ice wizards or only get up to tower shield and you don't need a mastery to use a no pip spell

Practically impossible to get any of these. Since the drops are so rare (even if my guestimates are incorrect on how many zeros are in there) it would be nice to have a choice between two schools mastery/exalted amulets.

William Hawkshield level 95