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Marleybonian Car Mount

Jul 29, 2012
You know those old cars you can find in Reagents Square (Marleybone). I was hoping that could be a mount that would be available in the crowns shop or a future bundle that would come out soon. It would produce a black smoke coming out the end of the truck, and it would sound something like a tractor or preferable a really old car. I have been hoping they would do these for a very long time and just realized that the message boards could let you post thoughts for future updates . Please take my idea into consideration!!

Garrett Flame Level 86 Ice

Jun 22, 2010
dang, you beat me to it!
i was going to post in P101 forums so yea......
well, at least someone wants a Ford model T in the game other than me.

Nov 01, 2013
Sounds like a good idea. They should add modern car mounts too.

Find me in Greyrose Realm always

Colin Legendsmith lvl48

May 11, 2011
Since it is a car, instead of jumping when the space bar is hit, it could honk the horn.

Oct 18, 2009
It would look cool it could be a two person since it has to seats
(or maybe just have a butler dog chauffeur)

I forget if it is designed like an old school crank powered car (the first cars worked like enormous windup toys) or if its supposed more steampunk smoke belting, metal rattling, noise maker that sounds worse than my college car which I named after Rattlebones.

It idling animation should be it belting out smoke and making your various old car noises. Or if it does have a crank it could show you winding it back up followed by the same smoke and various old car noises.