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Mansion-Themed World

Nov 22, 2015
In the pinned thread about Spiral worlds, someone mentioned the idea of a mansion-themed world. I think this would make for a superb side world. Obviously there should be some outdoors but not a lot. The bulk of the side world should be the mansion.

The plot could be that the owner of the mansion is the most affluent wizard in the entire Spiral, and is always getting targeted for their riches. They could call upon you to help them defend their mansion against theft. Additionally, the mansion could suffer from a serious pest problem, which adds the potential for more enemies. At the end of the world's storyline, we could discover that this affluent wizard is using their money to bribe people in power, and battle them, with them changing their ways after losing the battle.

What do you think guys? Anything you'd like to add?

Jul 14, 2017
Alternative Plot Idea:
You could also have it like a game of Clue, only maybe with a theft instead of a murder. (keeping it kid-friendly) A valuable amulet has been stolen during a lavish party, maybe a "Heroes of the Spiral Grande Ball", and you, as a guest of honor or whatever, are recruited to help find it. Maybe it could have a special appearance by Sherlock? And maybe they could have Prospector Zeke there, running lost & found, lol! So he would have all these side quests, like "Someone lost their shoe, robe, coat, etc." Maybe his main quest would be The Black Keys, the set of keys for the mansion.

Plot twist, turns out the host faked the theft, and that's when you battle him/her. But you have to interview the other guests and do some running around to find everything out.

It would be fun too, if instead of being experience heavy and equipment heavy, the side world was housing item heavy. Culminating in a chance for a tapestry drop after defeating the boss.