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Malistare, then Morganthe, then ???

Oct 29, 2011
ok here is my awesome idea
in the past morganthe created a magical mirror,and this mirror was hidden by merle ambrose.then merle ambrose decides that the mirror was to dangerous and decides to destroy it but it cannot be destroyed for a reason(which i will tell you when i tell you)

what is so dangerous about it,it's just a mirror?ok i'm gonna tell you people can enter this mirror,everyone who is good is evil and evil is good,whoever is killed in the real world dies in the mirror but whoever dies in the mirror still lives in the real world.the evil people in the mirror(good in the real world)are getting angry about the fact that there is no ruler of the mirror.so then war is about to break out in the mirror.but because of all the power the mirror people have when this war ends the mirror shall break.all enemies in the mirror will come out and good guys in there will die in the process of war, so it is up to us wizards to destroy the main villains(who are good guys in real world) before the destroy eachother and the mirror and then the spiral.but one thing makes things easier is the spiral is small as a world in the mirror and worlds are area ok i dunno about all the details of the worlds but lets start with mooshu

emperor is trying to take control over the onis and rule the war,we have to rescue each oni and then defeat emperor

here is his status
rank14 life boss-health 40,000(by the time morganthe arc is over we will be strong and same for boss)
cheats-he steals any blade or shield you use

next is marleybone

this is puzzling sherlock holmes and his dog army are trying to rule over the spiral,there are three dog bosses with no cheats on fire one storm one ice,
they all in dungeons which take half hour each and they are the only enemies in their dungeons the rest are ultra hard puzzles meowiarty gives you hints to crack the codes in those puzzles main boss is bones

rank14 balance boss-health 40,000
cheats-he takes away any traps or weakness or global spells

next up comes zafaria,here zebras getting their weapons for war this world has one dungeon once you enter and there are seven zebra bosses each one of the schools and then inyanga whitestripes is the main boss

rank14 boss space(that is star sun and moon)health36,000
cheats you cannot use any astral or global spells if you do he removes then and uses2460 attack powered sandstorm to all.

next celestia literally harder version of mooshu marleybonians taking control of the astral titans in trial of the spheres,ex.mithraya.we have to rescue them and kill the marleybonian league,the main group of bosses

edith benchley rank13 star same cheat as astreaus and has 10,000 health
montgomery(from science centre)rank13 moon same cheat as ptolemos and has 10,000 health
the frog science dude from crustacean empire,rank13 sun same cheat as mithraya with 10,000 health
after killing them mithraya, astreaus and ptolemos say thanks and then return to where they in the trial

next up avalon,here one dungeon you have to kill each of the knights of the silver rose(they have no cheat and they are what school in the real world avalon)main boss artorius and gwendolyn

artorius health-22,000 school death cheats if you heal with a spell more than sixth pips on that round he interrupts and uses infection before you heal and the use 900 scarecrow on you

gwendolyn fire 13,000 health
cheats if you hit artorius with any fire spell she will use the same spell on you and for any other spell she will use heal that heals a quater of the spell you hit him with.

then krokotopia is a dungeon where you have to kill the order of the fang each with 11,000 health no cheats seperately their schools khai rank 14 death, shalek rank14 life,khaba 14 ice and alhazred 14 balance.
then you have to kill them again but all in the same time,the finishing spell you have to use(the spell that kills them)should be an all enemy spell and they all should die with that or the members left will use their rank nine spell one all enemies whether it is an all enemy spell or not.

after they die ra appears and he transports himself to dragonspyre

in dragonspyre there is only one boss and he is ra he has 34,000 health and his school is obviously balance(lol).ghost of mallistaire helps you to kill him he has half your health and all death spells.his cheat is that if the ghost of mallistaire is using a spell above6 pips you have to use one too and the same visa versa he says only balance will prevail!

then after this there is a teleporter which is a dungeon and guess what it is?...................wizard city!
in here the first battle is a group boss battle three elemental(fire,ice,storm) teachers are the bosses each have 11,000 health and you cannot use any spells other than attack spells or they will all use their rank 7 spells(they are all, all enemy spells)

same health and cheats for the spirit school teachers(myth,life ice) and then they have same health andd orthrus hits to all enemies.

then second last boss ambrose he is space school(like inyaga whitestripes in zf)he has 40,000 health and his cheats areyou can only use attack spells and global spells if you use anything else he uses 3000 ra

then an easy high health non cheat but ultra hard boss bartleby -rank15 boss life and grandmother raven-rank 15 boss ice-they have 25,000 health each.

then you stop the war and save the spiral and the mirror from breaking .you get a badge for doing this they are savior of magic .

it was long but totally worth it :D

by anthony mistblade lvl80 archmage pyromancer hero of avalon and grandmaster artisan good luck

Nov 26, 2011
Randomperson16 wrote:
Malistaire, then Morganthe, then....


~Alura MythShade (I'm back!)

No no. Malistare, Morganthe, then... me. (Yep this is Jasmine the random)

Nov 26, 2011
LetterBee wrote:
I think it would be awesome if there was an arc where we(the players) were evil and Merle had to send people after us!

Agreed, maybe there could be a contest of which players gone insane?