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making wizard 101 longer

Jan 22, 2011
What if Ambros had a evil brother. Who wanted to take over wizard city. the concept would be that Ambros receives a letter from his brother that took over "Cry Wood" which was a world developed for the spirals most powerful enemies. Ambros thought he had defected his brother in combat but he was terribly wrong the portal could be inside the pyramid in krocatopia .
inside the pyramid in the giant krock statue it could hold out his hand and open his mouth and take you inside the hidden spiral door to take you Cry Wood. Inside you will meet Ambros who is trying to find his brother as both of you split up to find Ambro's brother , you find out that it was a trap to get wizard cities greatest legendary wizard to fall into "Cry Woods" plan to destroy the one thing wizard city has to offer Bartly. As Cry Wood folk try and get you to regain your memory you find your wand and is missing. As you look and try to find it you find out that you were out cold for 3 days. As you try and regain your memory trolls attack a nearby pet store. You go a try to take down the two trolls and you find out your spell deck is still in your backpack. As you beat the trolls one of them drops a key. you take it too "Cry Woods" library and you find out its the key to the spiral door to take you to krockaptopia and find out that the krock statue has been blown to bits.
this is something i read over and corrected 10 times thanks to all of you who read this