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Making using a potion not known.

May 17, 2009
Ok so how many times have you used a hatching potion, etc. say in the Pet Pavilion only to then be bombarded by people who suddenly realize you have crowns and are now begging you left and right to be gifted? Why does using a potion have to be broadcasted to everyone? Right now the only solution is to port back to my house or somewhere else private, use the potion, then go back to where I was before I had to port. Why should I have to do that just to avoid the begging and why should it be public knowledge that I used one in the first place? Please give us the privacy to use our crowns without being hounded if we do.

Dec 14, 2009
A better solution would be for KI to deal with people who beg, but alas that wont happen. You bring up a good point though. Less fuel for the trolls has merit.