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Making Shadow damage useful: Shadow Prisms!

Aug 25, 2009
As we know, lots of higher level gear gives boosts to shadow damage, resist, and even item cards (like Malistaire robe), but the only time to take advantage of these boosts is the shadow creatures, which (in the age of shadow-enhanced spells) are difficult to use efficiently. But what if there was another way...?

Introducing... Shadow prisms!

These converts act just like normal prisms, but they convert the school in question to shadow! For example:

Shadow Fire Prism:
Convert to

What this would do is allow for Wizards to bypass shields and resistances while also taking advantage of any bonus Shadow stats they may have. Most enemies should also not resist shadow, and shadow enemies should be weak to it (since many shadow bosses have universal resist).

They would be free of charge and become available as a reward from a certain storyline quest or something.

What do you think?

Jan 30, 2009
completely misses how the game operates. when you prism say fire to ice damage doesn't then scale off ice damage boost, rather still fire damage boost. so your prism idea wouldn't work. now if you were to make an enchant say adds 150 shadow damage ... that would work also would put in a limitation that you wouldn't be able to use colossal with it or school blades to buff it. as for resistance, any shadow creature and balance should resist it.

Nov 13, 2012
It's a cool idea, but there's two issues I see:

1) It wouldn't allow people to take advantage of their shadow stats. When a prism converts damage, the calculations involving the boosts have already been done for the original school of the spell.

2) It would almost entirely defeat the purpose of shadow magic. It's supposed to be extremely powerful at the expense of being difficult to properly use.