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Make Your Own MOUNT!

May 23, 2009
I just read the news on mounts and I thought this might be a neat idea. It goes like this--

Looks Like:
Speed Boosts:

I'll start.

Name: Wolf
Looks Like: Black/Gray/White/Brown (you choose color and trim) Heckhound
Speed Boosts: 60% Speed Boost
Info: These wolves were found in the deepest forests of Grizzleheim, and were tamed and taught to allow wizards to ride upon them. They are very fast and will defend you in battle.
Other: Gives the Grizzlewolf Spell Card, a Death card stealing 425 HP and healing you for 400 HP.

Ok. Now you try. Be creative!

-Matthew DreamBringer, Adept Conjurer

Jul 31, 2009
ok i got one(your idea is aswome)
Name:Huge Beetle
Look Like:like the little scarbs you try to find in krok but bigger and ore black with shawdow horns
speed boost:60% for starter and 90% for advance players
Info:while the archeloigist(im not very good at spell that) at krok dig they find aceint beetle signs in a wall showing how they tamed the bettles and used them.the archeloigist the started to dig further and then discoverd HUGE beetle tracks in the hallways then in a unknown chamber the archeloigist find the huge bettles from the pictures.they then start using the ways that the kroks used to tame the bettles.
Other:gives you the card"pinch"were the bettle does ether 150 to 200 for low lvls or 800 to 850 for high lvls.this my idea of a mount hope you injoyed it
Brandon Deathstalker,adept necromancer