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make shadow shrike no pvp

Feb 06, 2009
i think that shadow shrike shouldn't be allowed in pvp cause it will pierce your whole resist combined with the casters pierce and annihilate you in one hit.also it increases damage. i think shadow shrike is a cheating spell and its overpowered without shrike it will be fair matches so i say please make it non pvp. thoughts, comments, etc

Jul 26, 2011
Shadow Shrike should stay in PvP. Shadow Shrike isn't cheating in any way whatsoever. Especially how Kingsisle added Jade Gear and Ice's major resist to Fire and Storm in which some end up with immunity. There are also ways to counter it like Black Mantle, Smoke Screen, Stuns (Freeze, Choke, Stun), Shields to keep your resist so the Shrike can pierce the entire or not most of the shield, and much more. Instead of complaining that Shrike is overpowered and is a cheating spell, find ways to counter it.