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make more toons, mailbox, friends, sharing

Dec 20, 2008
Ok i play a couple of pvp games and there are many things in this game that would be nice.
1. We are only able to make 6 characters there are 7 schools, i had to make another account just so i could have a character in the 7th school and it get costly paying for 2 of my own accounts and for my sons. Just a suggestion if there a certain amount of schools maybe should be able to make as many characters as there are schools.

2. Mail with in the game. I am having a hard being on same time as a couple of friends and no way to talk to them unless they are online, maybe have a mailbox system with in the game to be able to send ppl in friends list gifts and messages.

3. Many of us in the game have alternate characters in the game and it is hard trying to figure out how to meet up on our alts, we have to choose a specific place and realm. I was thinking of having it so you can type in characters name to add them to friends list, but still send notification that they are being asked to be added to friends. Also maybe have something in friends list where your friend is currently located in the game because i find myself pre going to location just to see where they are in game, and maybe have a symbol of their school and lvl beside name.

4. Sharing between characters on same account. We can share gear, pets and crowns between our other characters on same account but unable to share deeds to old houses that we own, gold and reagents. It would be awesome if we were able to do so.