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Make Mini Stories of Your Adventeres

Jun 04, 2009
Here you can tell us some of the adventeres you went on, or parties you had on Wizard101, and any other things! (fine, you can fib a bit, but only on what your charactar felt like or dialoge, and you can sound as DRAMATIC as you want!)

(Here I was helping a friend)
The Jade Oni stepped up to me. I was terrified. With 212 health left and only 34 mana, I was done for. He hit me with a BAM! and I knew no more. But, alas, in less than 3 minutes, I was awake to my surroundings. I looked around, and Roselyn was smiling at me. I knew who had healed me, and I had been nice to her ever since.

Your turn!

Hannah Dragonsword, level 43 Fire

Dec 16, 2008
There I was, battling Malistaire.

Luckily, my friend had distracted him for a while. I had just learned Triton. I added my blade and when Malistaire had 5,000 health left, I struck. My Triton, which I affectionatley call Bubblez, took all his health away. Well, if not, almost all. I bowed victoriously when the battle was over.

Emma Pearlfountain, Level 40 Diviner (a.k.a Storm)

P.S. I hope you enjoyed!

May 24, 2009