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Make Houses PvP Ring Music Changeable

Jul 26, 2011
Since we can add/change music in our houses from all the worlds we should be able to put combat themes in our houses PvP ring. Example if you have the Amber Estate and you don't like the Khrysalis Arachna Theme, you can change it to Khrysalis Shadow Combat, Hive Combat, Combat 2, or Combat Theme. Though the PvP Music will be only limited to Combat Themes and no regular themes. This would be great also for houses like the Acropolis or Amber Estate that are based on worlds that have more than 1 combat theme and houses that are only limited to the Wizard City Combat Theme (Celestial Observatory, Sun Palace, Sultan's Palace, Massive Fantasy Palace).

Jun 18, 2009
That would be a good idea to just click on the arena in the house and pick your battle music then you wouldnt have to listen to the same one all the time if you have your music on it would be a nice addition to the game.

May the fire always shine bright
Austin Firecaster Exalted Pyromancer

Nov 10, 2012
This would be nice, especially since each world only has about one combat theme