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Make houses more fun

Jun 21, 2009
Caution in reading this message you may notice things you may not like... to answer most of your questions you must read on

Yo i have a few ideas on how we can make the houses/castles mroe fun.

1) Allow players to add a basement floor which will lead to a man made pvp (or not) dungeon. Start by adding on another type of store to the shopping districts in each world so that people can buy things such as monsters, trapdoors that lead to a cage with a powerful monster in it, a dungeon entrance of course, and of course a lever that the home owner only can pull to turn pvp in their dungeon on or off. this way people don't only have to spend time in the arena but house owners can invite their friends in for a pking party.

2) Have hidden treasure chests with rare items (including pets) or a lot of money hidden throughout the spiral. maybe like two or three chests per worl0d.

3) and my final idea is to add dragon slaying quests into the game. Have the dragons be throughout the spiral. to start the quests have a dragon master random event. where a dragon master will appear randomly to random people and give them quests that can take them to the edge of the abyss and back.

Jul 16, 2009
Jul 16, 2009
And i have an idea too We could be able to make our own bosses like an orthrus or a black knight. Maybe even a School bus!

Jun 23, 2008
So far I've only had 1 person show up at my house and I didn't really have time to stay there. I think every dorm needs to be open by bringing up the profile and clicking a "Go to House" button (also added to wizards on your own account), all friends have your profile... Then every castle need to come with a teleport on/off that can be placed in the dorm (or not).

OK, I was up too late when I added this last part(well, most things I post), but the spell animations are so cool, and it could be like a filter for wizards that play the game, but might too much of extra work. There should be a door (your school shield could be made to move acess the teleport, or any room for that matter, not just hit the hot spot and go) And some higher up school spell runs the teleport.

(side note, well, most of this is a side note 'cause castles are chat rooms) we "wiards" have the same emoticons as every other chat game... what if we had small spells to cast on each other (with a cool down time). and all that running around for blue wisps can't be good for the server. What if the fountain in the shopping district gave like 10, and sold fountains for houses.

Now your house is open and you don't have to ask people over, but I don't get why you want the arena at your house, and not just use the one you get credit for..? Or even just clear Sunken City for grins (you get paid for showing up)... Seems like they need to pay players to go to the arena they have.

And every castle takes time to laod the first time, so just going to too many houses might eat up disc space on your comp.

That being said, I wouldn't mind just having a few clouds to place my stuff on (still waiting for any treasure cards, large or small, we can place :?)...