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Make Forest Sprite more intelligent

Jul 08, 2010
As a life wizard, I have the unfortunate "privilege" of having this for a minion. Just recently while sitting at approximately 300 health out of 1400, I got to see her toss 2 sprites and a fairy, on herself while she was at full health!

Only after I healed myself with 2 fairies, did she even look my way healing now useless.

I have often seen the sprite heal people while they are at full health, while those near death go overlooked. Perhaps if something was added in the coding where the sprite would heal someone who has the lowest percentage of health would be far more useful then healing people that do not need it allowing those near death to perish.

Aug 15, 2010
Yup, I had a Life Lvl 48 Wizard (Which I deleted cause I made another account) and only Two times have I seen her do Satyr! Also, she does not heal who she needs to heal sometimes, I think she needs to be a little more intelligent, but not REALLY intelligent. The only reason I say this is because
KI balanced out all the spells, minions, etc. Yet, I think she needs to do fairy a little more because she does Sprite way too much. Also, she should Rarely do Satyr, or when its in need she should :P.

Now let me tell you a story that may make people smile or frown. Ok so, I was fighting this boss and I had ALL the traps and Blades I could think of on me and the boss. I also had a Forest Sprite by my side fighting. Then one round before I was gonna hit the boss, guess what happens... The Forest Sprite does Imp on the boss and takes out EVERY trap and the convert I had on the Boss!!!

I first was very upset, then just smiled and laughed and jsut let it go :D. Yet, I still died, but I learned a Lesson, be aware of what your Minion does! Becayse one day the same Situation may happen to you . But just let it go dont be mad, its just a battle, just try again!

Cya Around The Spiral

Mar 08, 2009
I know!!! That is why i never use them because 1.It uses imp on all of my traps. 2.It always heal itself and i die. I just wish that they can do only healing spells on us not them and not use imp EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Jun 14, 2009
I totally agree. I was down to 45 health points and she still kept healing herself or using imp (or whatever the level 1 spell is called). I was fortunate enough pips to cast Satyr, which she healed me after that.

I wish that she only concentrated on healing and no attack spells. This way as a Life, when I am fighting alone, I can at least concentrate on attacking instead of healing all the time. It's not like life has a lot of attack spells available to them.

She really does need to develop more intelligence and heal the lowest health first.