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Make Feedback Friday Relevant.

Apr 05, 2013
Feedback Friday, as it is, is irrelevant.

It only asks useless questions that encourage fluffy positive comments that avoid the real issues in the game, such as "What's your favorite jewel?". Why not ask better questions, such as the controversy of the critical system and how it could be improved? Or perhaps old bugs that have evaded KI's attention? There are also many flaws with the pvp system, why not explore that topic? There is no such thing as the perfect game. But perhaps we could make something close to the perfect game if KI actually took advantage of Feedback Friday.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Why?


In relation to your suggested Feedback Friday topics, there are other areas in which those issues are discussed already. The Halston's Laboratory section is for bugs, so if you ever encounter an error in game you can post it there to be passed along for investigation. If you'd like to discuss PVP, there is a section of the forums dedicated to the subject.

If you are interested in discussing the critical system changes, an active discussion is available in the thread linked below, where Cyrus Drake requested feedback from players.


If you have other suggestions for Feedback Friday topics, that aren't already covered in existing threads or sections of the message boards, you are welcome to share those for consideration.