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Magical Rumors?

Jul 11, 2009
There are a few...rumor Updates about Wizard101. Such as...

1. The New World, Celestia-I think it may be the world the Gobblers came from, but not sure. If this is true, please don't make it like Grizzleheim, where it's like two stories. Or if you do do that, then make Celestia at a higher level.
2. Ambrose's Element-I just read a post in which Ambrose replied that he studies all the elements but is currently studying one now, known as Astral Magic.
3 Astral Magic-This new magic class is supposedly what Merle Ambrose is studying. It is said that it focuses on the elements of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. It is a third triangle, as Fire, Ice and Storm are, and as Life, Myth, and Death, and now Sun, Moon, and Stars. This magic makes up the Spral itself.

Are these all true? You wizards, do you know more than me? Any of the Administrators want to post? Please post. Tell me if I'm wrong or right, give me some information, list any rumors similar to those above. Please post! This seems very interesting to me.

Jan 29, 2009
ok, i'll try to explain-

1. Celestia is a popular new idea for a world, and you can search for in in the Ravenwood commons here in the message boards.

2. i have no idea if he is or isnt, sorry.

3. again, no idea, but that sounds SO cool :P

sorry i couldnt help much :(

-Keira willowwhisper Lvl. 49 thaumaturge

Jan 27, 2009
#3 not really ONE element. More like a new class of schools, ie Sun school, Moon school, Star school and if that's what you meant then sorry :P

Sep 20, 2009
For Ambrose I think he means he is studying the spiral more. I mean stars, and planets is what astrayel or something thats is what it means. The study of it anyways . Anyways he is studying if there is any more worlds in the spiral. He is just setting us up for another world after dragonspyre I think. . . .

~Gabbrielle Silverdust ice level 46