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Magic Fusion! Endless Possibilities! :D

Feb 28, 2009
Ok, so i just brain stormed a amazing idea. How about in the next expansion we bring a new powerful spell card called fusion. Before i start i got the idea from a show called Steven Universe on Cartoon network, so two people combine to make a stronger being, like take qualities from both sides to mash it together into something amazing, if your curious go on youtube and type in "Steven Universe form Opal" Or "Steven Universe Sugilite".

Anyhow so the card works like this, it costs two pips for the wizards to fuse together and when they do their stats are mixed together and they also become one person for a short while or long while. Now to make it not confusing you could have it for both players need to have the same card at the same time and cast it on each other to activate the fusion. When they do that, a large title will appear like when a weapon casts something, it would be like that instead it will say "Fusion!". The person who will control this entity will go by a voting chance like wild bolt, one guy can say yes to control the body and the other person can sit quiet, the person who said yes would get control and get a reshuffle of both their decks being combined. If they both say yes it will be 50/50 chance of who gets control. It wont really matter cause they both volunteered themselves to fuse and trust each other.
The card's magic emblem(school) will be sort of like these two combined . I used sun instead of shadow cause its more like a enchantment. This is my idea, and i really hope it takes off so please tell your friends and KI about this, cause its just one idea that can make a big positive change for the spiral . Also this could bring a new era to teamwork in pvp , think about it. A life and a ice fusing to make a tankey Juggernaut that would be all defense and healing, or a fire and death fusing to make a deadly dot combo. So many possiblities and so much time , so please spread the word and comment. Cause every support you show, shows me i'm making a difference which is something always to be glad about lol, so please comment below and give me your thoughts and suggestions and ill glad add it into my idea. Thank you for your time