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May 25, 2009
i am so dissapointed i had a lvl thirty wizard and it got deleted it was a ice wizard named jose iceblade :(

Young Wizard, we have put safeguards in place so that this doesn't happen.

In order to delete your Wizard, you had to:
- select the Wizard to have it standing up at the front of the screen
- click DELETE
- then you were shown a screen with the Wizard's Name to confirm that's the one you wanted to delete,
- typed a long word into a field and clicked DELETE.

If someone else logged in to your account and deleted the Wizard, you need to change your password. Remember, exchange of usernames or passwords is a ban-able offense.

If you managed to make it through all those steps and still deleted the character 'accidentally', the sooner you contact Mr Lincoln at support@wizard101 with a polite request to restore the character, the better chance you have of actually getting that character back.