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Lvl 98 spell suggestions!

Feb 03, 2009
Here are my level 98 spell suggestions. give me back feedback on which you think should be made real
lvl 98 spell, Harpy,11 pip, deals three hits to a single targets then stuns for one round, First attack deals
125 damage, the second deals 200 and the third deals 1200 :)
lvl 98 spell, Krokosphinx,Deals damage to all enemies and puts a black mantle on them,Deals 880 damage to 960 damage to all enemies and puts a black mantle on them,I like this one
Lvl 98 spell,Black Knight- Deals 1000 damage to all enemies and heals back half.
lvl 98 spell, Magma golem, Deals 460 damage and then 1200 over time to all enemies.
lvl 98 spell,Zeus, Deals 1550 damage to all enemies and casts a weakness on all enemies hit.
lvl 98 spell,Mother nature, Heals 1800 to all allies and tower shields all allies healed.

Please give me feedback and your suggestions for the lvl 98 spells :),

May the glory of winning guide you to the end


Apr 01, 2011
I love your ideas, though I think myth needs to have another hit all spell, and Balance needs a hit all spell that doesn't deal balance damage

Aug 26, 2011
i still firmly believe that the level 98 spells should not be rank 11
i like what KI did with artorius (making him rank 8) so please stop assuming that the level 98 spells have to be rank 11. i love the utilities from AV i know they were not the best for all schools like they were for balance meaning they have room for improvement. i think balance should maybe get this spell:
Power Rising (rnk 4)
target gains two power pips and one regular pip

i think this is not op because it uses up a valuable round in the process.

Gabriel Ashcaller level 77 (and counting ) overlord

Jul 10, 2011
I like all of the spell ideas except for the Storm one. The Level 88 Storm spell Storm Owl does more damage than that, and I think that the "Zeus" spell should do more damage. And, Storm Lord is basically Zeus I guess The Death spell is pretty cool, and I think that the Magma Golem might be a tad too much IDK, that's my opinion.

"If it's powerful, then go with it!"

Destiny DawnSword
Level 77 Transcended Diviner
"Knight Errant"

Jun 02, 2013
Too weak, and some spells are out of order. The Myth, Fire, and Balance spells do more damage than Storm, and so on.

Apr 05, 2013
mega swarm 1400 to 1500 damage and weakness them

Nov 11, 2012
i like them!..Especially the death spell since i am a death student if there ever will be a black night spell....i think he should come in on a black stallion...in a dark woods background with a dark aura floating around him

Feb 03, 2009
Update-The new world level cap is only going to 95

Also i forgot ice here it is
lvl 98 spell,Ice Drake, deals 250 damage and then 1050 to a single target overtime and stuns the target hit for one round.

Jun 19, 2013
Storm is the best school because at level 28 you can learn tempest and level 38 trition and level 48 storm lord

Jun 30, 2012
I think that a good storm spell for level 98 would be a big storm cloud and lighting come down and strike all of the enemies. I think that it should do 1500-1700 damage on each enemy.

Sep 30, 2009
im not sure if I can withstand another damage over time aoe spell for fire. the last time fire got a aoe spell that did all its damage at once was all the way back when we got meteor.