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List of Ideas....

May 04, 2009
Schools in Ascendance....
Schools get certain months to celebrate being the school that they are.

Dec - Jan: Ice [do to Christmas and winter]
Feb - Mar: Life
Apr - May: Storm [April showers bring may flowers]
Jun - Jul: Fire [Summer(I think)]
Aug - Sep: Myth
Oct - Nov: Death [Halloween]

At this time information pertaining to the schools would be made into themed events across the spiral(or just in wizard city). Haven't figured out how or if to fit Balance in there.

Chaos School - A school devoted to learning from all schools and none.

you gain 2 to 3 times the training points throughout your Journey. With these you select spells normally. You do not get any other spells then the ones you train in this way. This school is only unlocked for those that have been playing the game for a certain amount of game time or have beaten the game.

Thunder Cobra(Pet)

The Snow Serpent is a really cute pet. Though the walking animation on it is a little rough. A more serious minded Cobra would make a nicer pet for some.

True Friends(Account)

If a to people mutually tie there accounts together using a friend code each then they appear on the in game list under there account name on every character. These codes are gotten in game but can only be entered by a age verified Main account holder.

This would be seriously helpful. Parents could appear on there kids friend list without the worry of entering codes , except for that once. True friends that know each other in real life could more easily keep track of each other in game.

That and I keep deleting characters and making new ones and my sister has trouble putting in or transmitting friend codes so it can take forever for us to get connected in game.

Put an Icon by the name of the character for there current badge and school on every screen. Not just the character screen.

This would make it easier for the young to know what school you are , and me. I keep forgetting what the different names stand for(like pyromancer).

This is a great game and very fun and I ran out of memory space and ideas.