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List of gold

Mar 02, 2009
Maybe i was thinking the desingners of wizard101 could maybe make a list for each month of stuff to do and on the day you play you'll have something to do and if you complete the task your rewarded with gold just like a quest and i know you can get gold by selling stuff but i'm suggesting a bit easier way.

Aug 29, 2008
you know, i sort of agree with this.
i don't want to be one of the people who farms just for gold.
i dont want to sell the best stuff i get for gold, so maybe like,
a job thing? like for this amount of time, you do this as a job, and if its for like a week, then you get gold every day. but you have to do a good job, not fair if all you do is get the job, go to work, and SIT there all day. no fun.