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Limited Chat

May 31, 2009
I have limited chat on my account i am playing, when a player ask to be friends i clicked yes, but it came back saying that the players friend list was full, and i could not be added at this time, Where in limited chat is it to tell the player i didn't decline your offer, your list is too full? Maybe an addition to limited chat needs to be made?

May 06, 2011
Sadly, there is no menu chat option to say the other player's list is full. However, you could try to say "Please be my friend" and they might try to add you until they see that their list is full. Otherwise, I do agree there should be a new chat for a "your list is full."

May 11, 2011
I have open chat, but I do see where it could be difficult for a menu chat player to communicate this. They are always trying to improve function of the menu chat, and I think this would be a welcome addition.